Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HIP HIP HOORAY for T.J.!!!!!!!

T.J. got his employment package in the mail today from Brightpoint.........and he accepted!!! Yippee! He is so excited to be back in the working world -- and honestly, I am pretty excited for him too:) His title is Contact Services Rep. He will be calling on customers to see that they are satisfied with their products. It is a good company, and maybe he can move up eventually. So congrats to you, T.J.! This is a picture of him at his makeshift office just after getting the package and the good news.

In other news, I finally tried my new curlers, and it was a huge failure! I took a picture so I could do a before and after, but the after was pretty bad. I got some tips from Keriann, so hopefully the next time will work better. T.J. and I went today and got a safety deposit box at the bank. Talk about feeling like a grown-up! I also got my new USB lava lamp that I ordered off of eBay in today (I guess I am not too grown-up yet). Isn't it cute?

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1 comment:

me said...

Congrats to TJ, and yay for home offices! :)

And I love it that you have a lava lamp on your desk, Kaylan. :)