Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lazy Saturday

There's nothing much going on today. T.J. & I slept until 10 o'clock today. Ahh, I LOVE sleeping in! Herky was sick last night and woke us up a few times...poor baby! When we finally got up, we went for a walk. I am making another batch of applebutter. We decided to grab some Starbucks. (my latest addiction!) Now I am getting some work done. T.J. is watching football and having a few drinks. He is trying to get some of the beer out of our fridge:) It is taking up too much room! Tonight we are getting the UFC pay per view. He loves watching the fights. Me...not so much. I will probably just keep working into the night or maybe do some scrapbooking. We'll see.
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me said...

I love lazy Saturdays. And I SO miss Starbucks (we're severe addicts but decided to cut back a little bit to save money for building our garage--so hard to do!).

You are doing so great at keeping up your blog, btw!

krmccord said...

Thanks! I am trying to keep on top of it:)