Friday, October 24, 2008

Winding Down

Today was a busy day. After lunch, T.J. and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and exchanged his coat and gloves for a different color. Then we hit up Starbucks and sat outside and talked for awhile. After getting all charged up on coffee, we decided to go home and carve pumpkins. I practically begged and bribed T.J. into carving with me. Then afterwards he said, "I am really glad you made me do that. It was really fun." :)

Once we got all cleaned up, we decided to go to Anderson Orchard in Mooresville. We checked out all the apples and decided to get some Stayman variety of apples. When we got back to Plainfield, we ran into Ace to get some jars for the applebutter I intended to make. Before dinner we stopped at Hollywood Video to get a couple movies. We had a rent one, get one free coupon. But when we checked out, the guy behind the counter said that since it was T.J.'s birthday, he got the one for free as well! Then it was off to El Jaripeo for yummy Mexican cuisine. Please note that everywhere we went, we got front row parking. Not one place we went did we have to park more than car deep. T.J. was getting star treatment everywhere we went. After we got home, we cored and sliced apples and got everything in the crockpot. Then we sat back and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

All in all, I hope T.J. had a great day! I really had fun celebrating his birthday with him. The countdown is on to the big 3-0 next year!!
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