Saturday, November 15, 2008

Date night!!

Tonight T.J. asked me out on a date to Old Spaghetti Factory. It was so nice to get a little dressed up for a change and go out on the town. I had some yummy chicken penne and he had the meat lovers pasta dish. We had a couple drinks and just chatted. It was awesome.

This is by far the best part of our night, though: We parked in the parking garage under Circle Center Mall. After we pull up to the ticket booth, the lady takes the ticket and says, "It will be $1.50." I start digging in my purse for the money. She then says, "Are you guys married?" We both were like, "Yes." Then she says, "I can tell. You just look so in love. You guys look so happy and like you are well-to-do and like you just really love each other."

Being kind of caught off guard in the parking garage, we thanked her and headed towards home. All the way home we talked about how nice she was. She didn't have to say anything to us and yet she literally made our night. This past week we have been bickering a lot, I think b/c of the change in our schedules with T.J. getting his job and everything. For her to say that we look "so in love" felt good to hear. Most times we don't feel like we are "well-to-do" in any sense whatsoever.

But this was just a reminder that we have more than enough in our lives. We have more than enough money, more than enough love, more than enough happiness, more than enough...everything. We are so thankful for all that we do have. It is just a little reminder to us not to dwell on what we don't have.
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me said...

It's so cool how small things like that come along to make our day once in a while to remind us how nice we have it! :) (And I wish we had a Spaghetti Factory here!)