Saturday, November 8, 2008


This morning we woke up to gray skies and whistling wind. This evening it has been kind of sprinkling on and off. I just hope they stay sprinkles and don't turn to fluries! Today has been mostly just a work day for me. I only stopped to run a couple of errands and get a yummy Steak & Shake vanilla milk shake! I took a big job on Friday that they attorney wants by early next week, so my weekend is pretty lame. Here are some of the great views I had at the job on Friday.

Thursday I went to a Premier Designs Jewelry party at Michelle's (she is also a court reporter). It was a lot of fun to see some people I work with and also meet some of her family. I bought one necklace. I can't wait to get it and wear it!

Tonight is Corey Sanders and Amber Juffer's bachelor/bachelorette parties. We are sad to miss them, but are really looking forward to their wedding at the end of this month! Also today I missed a baby shower for Andrea Lawrence and a wedding shower for Amber...what a busy day, huh?!?! I hope everyone had fun today!
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me said...

LOVE the necklace!! And if you're going to be working all day, what a great view to have while doing so!