Sunday, November 23, 2008

Where do the weekends go?

This was yet another fast weekend! I got a lot of my work done, but I do still have some to finish hopefully before heading west:) We didn't have any big plans this weekend. Saturday was pretty easy-going. Today we tried to do some shopping, but failed miserably. You know when you walk into stores and just kind of wander around but are really not interested at all? That was us today. So instead we came home. We went to see a matinee movie this afternoon -- Twilight. It was soooo good!! I absolutely loved it. After the movie, we hit up some L.J.'s. TJ and I are pretty much regulars there. All the waiters and waitresses know us when we come in:) After dinner we went to Barnes and Noble to check into buying the book Twilight and maybe the other books in the series as well. We ended up buying the box set, which is all four books. I am so excited to read them!!!
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