Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 days until Christmas

I got a new Iowa Hawkeyes shirt!!! I LOVE it!
It is big, though, so I have to exchange it...
T.J. got a giftcard to the movie theater!!
We are all packed and ready to go to Iowa. T.J. came home for lunch, and the plan was that I would take him back to work and then go get him at 8. Then we could jump on the interstate and be on our way. Well, I just took him to work and headed for home and it took me 50 minutes to make the trip. I was going to get gas, pack the car, etc., but unless the weather straightens up, there is no way we are leaving tonight.

It is frustrating b/c we have plans made for while we are back, and now it is kind of up in the air. We don't even have any food in the fridge! Check out how empty it is!! Looks like we are going out to eat tonight...
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1 comment:

Keriann said...

OOOooooo! I love your new shirt! :) But I am very sad to hear you will not be leaving tonight! :(