Saturday, December 6, 2008

20 days until Christmas

Well, today I got a toothbrush, and T.J. got a $5 Starbucks card:)

This morning we got up and did a little bit of shopping real quick. Old Navy was having doorbuster sales -- $12 jeans. But we didn't end up getting anything. I had a $10 off anything at Victoria's Secret, so I got something there.

After shopping, we headed downtown. I had to drop off some exhibits at my office. Then we did some cruising around our favorite neighborhood, Fall Creek. It is an urban community on the near northside of Indianapolis.

When we got back to Plainfield, we hit up El Jaripeo. For the first time, our favorite waiter, Pepe, knew what we wanted to order!! I love when that happens. Does that give you an idea of how often we go?

Now we are in for the day. I have lots of work to do. T.J. is going to watch a movie. Maybe later I can read some more of Twilight! I started it last night and read 110 pages:)
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1 comment:

me said...

You guys and your lil' gifts are so cute. :)

Thanks for the chalkboard paint idea for the lockers! I was actually thinking about spray-painting them black next spring, but I think I like the chalkboard idea better...hmmm...