Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fun in Iowa!

Yesterday was a great day in Iowa! My day started at 4:15 a.m. Mom, Keriann & I got up early to do some shopping. After finding many good deals, I hooked up with T.J. We headed to CJ's Bagles to eat lunch with Brett & Courtney. After lunch, we headed to Des Moines to meet Brennan Lawrence. We chatted with Wade & Andrea a bunch and got to hold Brennan a ton. He has tons of hair, is teeny-tiny, and is super cute! I got some pictures of TJ and I holding him, but then I left my camera there. When I get it back, I will post some.

After leaving there, T.J. & I raced to Iowa Diamond before they closed. I got my ring! It is beautiful. I will post a picture later when I have my camera again. Then we had to make a quick pit stop at Hy-Vee and get some groceries for a casserole I had to make. I also had to get a couple of gag gifts for the evening (sugar cookie cookie dough and a douche)!

We ran back to mom's, made up the casserole and then headed over to Jessica's. Jess & Keith, Sara & Mike, Kristy & Ian, Angie & Chad, Malena & Nate, and TJ & I. It was so fun to see everyone again. And best of all....we got to finally meet Carter & Dylan! I got lots of holding and feeding time in. They are soo cute!! Even though they are identical, I could still tell them apart. More pics to come later.
Today I have just been playing with a photo web site called picnik. It is so fun. Here are some of the pictures I have created:

Tonight we are heading over to Mike & Megan's house to watch the UFC fights. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can make it without any trouble! I am excited to see their new house and hang out with our friends!!

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me said...

I love Picnik! Those are great photos you posted.