Saturday, January 24, 2009


Last night after T.J. got done with work we went out to eat at Red Robin Burger. Yum-O! This morning we got up, cleaned house, got ready & headed downtown. We had tickets to go to the Bodies Exhibit. It is a traveling exhibit. It is made up of people's bodies who have donated them to science. They show actual organs, nerves, muscles, brains, everything. It is really neat and educational. It was only a little disturbing. You couldn't take pictures in the exhibit, so I found this one online. It was in the exhibit we saw too. They cut a person in half so you could see what it looked like.After we got home, we watched Tropic Thunder. It was funny -- stupid funny.
Now we are just hanging out and relaxing. Tomorrow we are going to run to Wal-Mart. T.J. wants to wash his car. I am going to start working on my crummy video depo from Friday. Sounds like a crazy day for us!
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The Bormann Family said...

Keith and I went to body worlds in philly. pretty crazy!!