Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009, here we come...

Well, our New Years was very uneventful. T.J. had to work New Year's Day, so we didn't make it out to celebrate...we didn't even stay up until 12:) We didn't even make any resolutions... This weekend we were pretty low key. All the work I had out was sent to my proofreader, so I had lots of time to myself, which doesn't happen very often.

I started feeling like I was getting a cold on Friday. Saturday T.J. and I did some shopping, ate at Friends Tavern in Zionsville, then cruised around. Later that night we went grocery shopping, which is when my cold really set in. I was exhausted after walking around Wal-Mart! On Sunday we stayed home all day. I tried to relax so I can get better. T.J. took the dogs out every time -- thanks, T.J.!!

We had such a good time seeing everyone over the holiday, but we are really looking forward to getting back into our normal routine!
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