Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well, since the first of the year, T.J. and I have been in hibernation. Work has been picking up slowly but surely. Because of that, I have had some free time on my hands. We have both been working out in the mornings. I have been trying to make better meals, instead of just having frozen pizza. T.J. has been working on reading New Moon. I have been reading The Magician's Nephew, the first book in the Narnia series. We have been catching up on movies. We saw 7 Pounds in the theater. This weekend we rented Burn After Reading and the Duchess. T.J. has his xbox hooked up to our Netflix, so we also watched The Butterfly Effect. It had a different ending than the first time we watched the movie, but we like the new ending better...

All in all, not a whole lot going on. Last night we were supposed to get a couple inches of snow, but it was too warm here, so nothing really stuck. The wind has really picked up, though, and I am dreading going to my 1:00 job! Today would be a good day to stay on the couch with a blanket.

Herky & Baxter have had an interesting couple of days. We decided to switch their food from Iams to Purina. We will save $4 per bag! I made a mix of food for them...3 cups Iams with 2 cups Purina. As soon as I put it in the bowl, Baxter was over there pecking through it and eating out all the colorful Purina pieces. Herky, on the other hand, didn't eat anything for a day or two. Now he is back on board with eating and doesn't seem to mind it. Here is what Baxter does with his new food:This was day 1. This morning I think half the food was in the bowl and half was on the ground. Herky usually comes around and picks up all of Baxter's unwanted food like a little vacuum:)

Also, I have been really into thrift/flea market/eBay/antique shopping lately. Last Friday I hit up an antique store here in town, then I headed to Goodwill Outlet. Now, I will tell you that I thought I was just going into a big Goodwill or something...oh, was I mistaken! When you walk in, you see these big blue bins lined up like this:

But then you also see this:There were people with carts full of stuff. And people digging like crazy through these bins. I was a little shocked since I had expected to find racks and hangers. I decided to look through the book bin and see if I could find anything. I was halfway through looking at half a dozen blue bins on a wall when I noticed that all these people were in my way. They had their carts lined up against the bins I wanted to look at and were patiently waiting for something...I just didn't know what. Then all of a sudden there was a bang -- a blue bin hitting swinging double doors.

The workers were bringing out new bins. They replaced the old bins with the new ones and the people were sorting through like there was $100 bills in there. Most of the men were wearing gloves. They were throwing stuff out of their way or grabbing whatever prize they found and stowing it in their cart. I am pretty sure I stood their with my mouth hanging open for a good 30 seconds. It was just so crazy. People digging through junk like they were digging for gold. I wouldn't be surprised if people get in fist-fights there!

When another row of bins came out, all the people shifted over there. I was standing next to a nice old man and I told him I had never been here and didn't know what to expect. He said that every 2 hours they change the bins. Whatever is left in the bins after two hours gets sold off to the Salvation Army or sent overseas. He also said that the stuff in the bins gets weighed and that's how you pay for what you find...besides books and furniture. He told me that most people wear gloves b/c it can be dirty and glass stuff gets broken, so I should be careful! I wandered around a little. I mostly just stood by the people that were power digging and looked to see if there was anything I wanted. I ended up buying half a dozen books. Softback books were a quarter and 50 cents for hardback -- what a steal! I do want to go back sometime now that I know what to expect. Maybe on my next day off. It would be fun to go with someone, but I know there is no way I could ever drag T.J. there with me:)

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