Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend!

Mom and Scott got here late Thursday night. We are so glad they were able to come for a visit! The weather was pretty bad here. On Tuesday it started. On Wednesday morning we woke up to 11.5 inches. The news said it was the 9th worse snowstorm the Indianapolis airport had on record. The thing about it is that Indiana is not used to getting much accumulating snow at all. Usually a dusting here or there, but that's it. The plows are scarce (especially in our apartment complex!!!) On a high note, though, it is 42 today so far and a lot of the white stuff is slowly melting away.

FRIDAY (Mom's 52nd Birthday):

On Friday we decided to go to Nashville, Indiana. It's about an hour south. It is a scenic drive on winding, tree-lined roads. When we got there, we realized that quite a few of the stores were closed. The town had been pretty shut down most of the week. Everyone in that town was so nice and very chatty. I think the chattiness was from being snowed in all week:) I got the dogs some new charms for their collars.
Baxter gets "Puppy Love". Herky gets "Loves Heavy Petting". I also got a couple pair of socks. They have a sock factory in Brown County that is the largest in the U.S. I got a dog pair and this lovely pair of balerina socks since I love dancing around the house so much! T.J. even picked them out for me:)
We ate at Harvest Moon Pizzeria for lunch. It was really yummy! Mom snapped this when we weren't ready. The next one is a good one.She thought that picture was so funny she was balling from laughing so hard.The town and shopping was really cute. We are looking forward to going back when the weather is nicer. For dinner we decided to go to Akira Japanese Steak House. It was so fun to watch our dinners being made. Seriously, how can they spin an egg, flip it on a spatula, then hit it on the side of the spatula to crack it? Not to mention how delicious my filet mignon was -- the best steak I have ever had!
They gave mom this pineapple boat with a sparkler for her birthday!
After we left there, it was time for cake & presents!!

Mom really likes her new digital frame from all her kids:)


We did some shopping on Saturday at Greenwood Mall. T.J. and Scott went to see Gran Torino while we shopped. They said it was a really good movie. We got some yummy Baskin Robins for dessert! We also went to Hobby Lobby for some netting to make these scrubby things for washing dishes.


Mom & Scott had some breakfast and then hit the road for the ride back to Iowa. It was so fun having them here! Now I have to work while T.J. is watching the PPV from last night. Then the Super Bowl tonight.

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