Monday, March 16, 2009

"My Old Kentucky Home"

Keriann & Derrick decided to come spend their spring break with us. We are so lucky!! So far it has been a blast. Here is a run down of all the fun stuff we have been up to:

  • Keriann & Derrick arrive late, around 11:30 p.m. We stay up until 1:30 a.m. chatting before going to bed. (Way past our usual bedtime!!)


  • Go play some racquetball. (I had to quit early because I had a head cold and wasn't feeling up to it!)
  • Stop at CVS and get some Advil Cold and Sinus. (It really helped!)
  • Had lunch at Baxbeux Pizza.
  • Tried to ride indoor go-carts but couldn't due to a private party.
  • Quick shopping stops at just a couple places.
  • Dinner at El J's.
  • Watched the Exorcist and enjoyed a late night snack from Cold Stone Creamery.


  • Drove to Louisville, Kentucky. A first time in the state for me, Keriann & Derrick.
  • Went to Maker's Mark Distillery. Insane driving conditions on one-lane hilly curvy roads. Somehow found it when the GPS took us out in the middle of nowhere. It was a neat tour, though, and well worth it. I even got to dip my own bottle! Keriann & Derrick couldn't do the testing since they aren't 21, but T.J. and I did. Too bad there isn't a picture for my facial expression after the tasting. Let's just say I won't be sitting around sipping whiskey anytime soon!
  • Our next stop was the Jim Beam Distillery. It didn't have the tour set up like Maker's Mark, but it was still neat to see. We couldn't taste test or buy liquor there because it was Sunday. It is in a different county than Maker's Mark, which is legal to do there on Sundays.
  • For dinner we went to Fourth Street Live. It's a neat downtown area that has restaurants, bars, and some shopping. The street is covered. They were celebrating St. Baldrick's while we were there, which is where people shave their heads to raise money & awareness to fight childhood cancer. It was very touching to see all those bald heads! We had dinner at Red Star Tavern.
  • We took a dip after we got back to the hotel in the pool, then relaxed in the room and played some Mad Gab. For those of you who haven't played this before, here is an example..."Huff Oral Heave Glow Fur." You read this to your partner and they have to guess the answer, which is: "A Four-Leaf Clover." It is so fun and we usually laugh A LOT!


  • Our first stop was the Louisville Slugger Museum. They were making bats, so we got to actually see them being made. It was very neat to see! We also hit the batting cages. I used A-Rod's bat. For some reason T.J. used Manny's.

      • Next we went to the shooting range -- something we all REALLY wanted to do! We got to shoot 9 millimeter guns. We each shot 50 bullets. I was completely shot afterwards (no pun intended!) It really was a bit of a workout. If I go again, I think I would prefer to shoot a 22 or something. My arms were shaking they were so tired!

      • We decided it was only appropriate to eat some Kentucky Fried Chicken while we were visiting!

      • Lastly we hit up Churchill Downs where they run the Kentucky Derby. We got to go on a tour and go through the museum. Did you know that the Kentucky Derby is the longest consecutive sporting event in the United States? It started in 1875. The race has never been postponed or cancelled. Just a little history for you:)

      • When we got home it was close to 70, so we had to get outside for a little bit and play some frisbee.
      • Now we are relaxing and looking forward to our next few days together!
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