Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crazy week

This week has been kind of a crazy one for me. Work has picked up a little bit and I am adjusting to working full days again. On top of working full days, my jobs were all 1.5 hours away. So I got some good alone time in the car while singing along to my favorite CDs.

I also went to four spinning classes this week, which had my legs aching pretty bad by Friday. Then on Saturday morning was the Race for the Cure, which I signed up for a couple of months ago while I had been running pretty regularly. Since then I haven't really been good about running because I love spinning so much. I ran the 5k, which went fine. I had to walk a couple times because I couldn't find a good pace. There were over 40,000 people in attendance at the Race for the Cure. It was crazy! Here are some pics from the Indy Star Website.

After the race, Regina and I went to O'Reillys to meet Keith & Natasha (and Natasha's family) at their bar for some drinks and lunch. It was a beautiful day! We sat on the patio, had lunch, and chatted. After lunch, I came home and took a little nap. I was so worn out from all that exercise and fresh air!

T.J. had to work on Saturday from 12 to 5. He now has to work every sixth Saturday or something like that. He doesn't mind since he gets to have a half day on the Friday before. Once he got home, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some dinner. Then we did some shopping around Plainfield looking for shoes (workout, white sneakers for T.J., and some new sandals for me). We came up empty handed, though.

After we got home, I ordered some NKOTB tickets!! They are going to be here the end of June. Courtney, Jill, and Kari are going to road trip out for a girls weekend. Natasha and Regina are brave enough to come to the concert with us (I warned them about Court, the super fan)!!!! It will be so fun to have them here. I can't wait!!!

Now it's Sunday and not too much is happening for us. I have some work to do. The weather is kind of rainy/gloomy outside. This afternoon we might take the dogs for a long walk. Next weekend is the Mutt Strut at the Indianapolis Speedway. I hope they can make it all the way around the track!
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