Saturday, April 11, 2009

Goose Attack!!

This morning T.J. and I decided to go on a walk. We were on the trail you see in the pics below. As we were walking along, we came across a very angry goose. He was hissing at us and wiggling his neck in a weird way. We were going to walk around him and go to our right. Wrong idea!! He flew at us and so we turned and went back to the trail. He flew at us again and hit T.J. with its wing. We pretty much stood there dumbfounded because we didn't know what to do. Then it flew at us again and we ran to our left and into a bank parking lot that's right there. He didn't chase us, thankfully! He was SCARY!! Then we noticed a lady in her car that saw us and was laughing. I can only imagine how many people were in the bank that saw the crazy goose attack!!
Later in the day we were running errands and wanted to see if he was still there guarding his trail. As we pulled the car up, he flew at our car! And I got this picture of him chasing after a bike rider. He is kind of hard to see because he is in flight right behind the bike. There is another goose in the background, which I think is his mate. I am guessing they have a nest that they are guarding.

"I'm watching you!"

Doesn't he just look scary?!!?
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