Monday, April 6, 2009

Jessica, this one's for you!!

So I was at Hobby Lobby on Friday and just couldn't help myself!! They are selling giant silverware. No offense to anyone who has any in their house, but there is a bit of a back story. I will give the shortened version:
It was spring junk day in Baxter, Iowa, about the year 1994. (I think we were in sixth grade.) Jessica and I hit the streets on our ten speeds in search of some treasures. A few items I know we came across were a giant set of wooden silverware like the ones pictured here only like 3 times bigger!! We thought they were hillarious. We also found some other great finds. I know we made multiple trips on our bikes getting all our stuff to my house where we hand-painted them and had them hanging in our rooms. We thought it was AWESOME!! I wonder if Jess still has the silverware in her mom's basement?!? :)

The price on the knife says $17.99. Can you believe that? For one piece of the set???
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The Bormann Family said...

If it weren't so expensive, I might buy an entire set:) OF COURSE I still have the spoon, you know I don't throw anything away!!!