Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh, T.J.,

I just wanted to share a little something about my sweet husband. As a lot of you know, T.J. and I have not had it easy trying to start a family. We had a five year plan after we got married that is definitely thrown out the window at this point since it has been six years and nothing on our five year plan has been accomplished. I have given up trying to "plan" out any part of my/our lives because it just seems to instantly change as soon as I call it a "plan"!

So, last night we were laying in bed and I asked T.J. what he wanted out of life. (Pretty big question as you're trying to fall asleep, I know!)
He said, "That's a good question." And without missing a beat he said, "To make you happy." (What a great husband!)
I asked, "What else?"
And he said, "To be happy, which I am."
I asked, "What else?"
He said, "To have a family, if we can. And if not, then just be together."

Oh, life is good and I am so lucky to have T.J. in my life!
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