Friday, May 22, 2009

Carb Day

Carb Day was a blast! Keith, Natasha, Regina, and I got out to the track today around noon. Keith had tickets to the Miller Lite Tent. We got free drinks and sample beers the whole time we were in there. I changed a race car tire. It was kind of a struggle, but I finally did get it all done.

The picture of Natasha with all the cans of beer was at the Three Doors Down concert. That started at three. We only lasted an hour through the concert because it was sooo hot out there, so we cut out early. It was probably a good thing since there were so many people there. I am sure getting out of there later will be a huge headache!! Regina & I got a photo with the motorcycle cop.

We had dinner at Champps downtown, then I decided to get my face threaded. It was painful!! My face is super soft now, but OUCH!

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