Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Month of May in Indianapolis

So, as many of you might not know, since most of you that read this don't live in Indianapolis, May here is kind of crazy. The Indianapolis 500 is on Sunday, May 24. There are concerts/events going on here the whole month of May. The drivers have been in town for a couple weeks practicing. You can go and watch that if you want to. There is a huge party Saturday night all night before the race. Every day on the news there is some comment or a big story on drivers/the race/blah, blah, blah.

Today I just went and got our parade tickets. There are bleachers set up along the route and you have to buy seats. If you don't buy seats, you have to get there really early to claim a spot, and I am not about to do that! On the Saturday before the big race, there is the parade. We went last year and really liked it, so we are going to give it another go this year. There are so many famous people and cool stuff to see.

Saturday afternoon Roger and Abby are going to be getting here. We can't wait to see them! It has been too long! We will probably take them downtown for some dinner and drinks.

Sunday is the race. I just hope for good weather. Then my next hope is that by good weather, it isn't 85 and sunny. You get packed in the grandstands in that concrete jungle and it is HOT! Now that we know what to expect, though, we are packing lots of snacks and drinks. That's right. You can take your own cooler in there with you:)
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