Monday, May 11, 2009

Sorry for the long blogging hiatus!

I have been meaning to post things but have just been too busy and haven't had time. Today I want to get caught up and back on track as far as blogging, so this is kind of going to be a mess of things from the past week or two. This picture represents spring to me. I have seen so many baby duckys around and I love them! This was in a puddle by my chiropractor's office. I couldn't help but take a picture!
This picture is from two weekends ago. Regina and I decided to go out dancing and this fella, Patrick or Patty as I called him all night, bought us drinks and cover into the bar all night -- sucker!! It was fun, though:) Here is a picture of me with the dogs. They are helping me work! This is the day I got my latest hair cut with bangs. As you can see, Herky still has his collar on. His bump is almost gone. He has a little scab there now, so hopefully in the next couple days it will heal and he won't have to be cone head anymore! I don't know who is more excited -- me or Herky?!?!

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