Monday, June 22, 2009

Another year down. It's time to give 27 a try

So even though my actual birthday is June 22, we celebrated on Sunday since T.J. has to work all day and all night on Monday. My love for his job can be discussed on another day/post:) We had a delicious lunch at my favorite place, El J's. It was delicious!! We went for a Sunday drive, went on a walk, watched Blart: Mall Cop, grilled out for dinner, then had cupcakes. These aren't just any cupcakes, they are from Cold Stone Creamery. They had ice cream inside and were, of course, de-lish!
This one was my favorite! It had cake batter ice cream in it.

Are you drooling yet? (I am just looking at the picture)

Opening my card from my wonderful husband. He got me a massage and a pedicure! Also included in my birthday gift category is my new road bike I bought for myself along with shoes, helmet, and pedals. (I will post some pics tomorrow of the beauty once I get it back from the shop!)

My new slippers from Mom. I have come to have a real fondness for slippers. I have two pairs that I wear now that I got for Christmas that are about shot, so these came just in time! Mom also got me a new scrapbook and cute key chain.

Thanks, everyone, for all the cards and well-wishes!
I plan on making the next year a year to remember:)
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The Bormann Family said...

HAPPY BDAY!!! Those cupcakes look so good! I LOVE Coldstone and the one by my house closed. Now the closest one is on the third floor of The Mall of America....NOT CONVENIENT.

Abby said...

Happpy Birthday, Kaylan!!! I remembered last week it was your birthday today, and then, wouldn't you know it, I completely forgot to call you this afternoon! It looks like T.J. and your mom took really good care of you. I hope 27is your best year yet!