Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bike Night

Tuesday night I went to Natasha's house in Broad Ripple and met up with her and her sister, Lydia. We went for a 20.8 mile ride. We stopped half way and had some dinner at Paradise. I only had a couple mishaps -- my chain falling off and me falling over while on my bike. My chain falling off was no big deal. I got it back on all by myself. But right after a did, a nice biker rode by and asked if I needed help. So in the event that I couldn't have, at least there are people willing to help!

Now to the falling over. I was nervous to clip both of my shoes in at first because I wasn't very sure that I could get out of them in time if I needed to, so I was just clipping in one foot. We came to a stop on the trail at a cross road, (I should also mention here that it was the busiest intersection as far as people go. There were a lot of restaurants with outdoor patios. Embarrassing!!!!) I had my left foot unclipped and my right clipped. I stopped, put my left toe on the ground. Here is where it all went wrong. I should have put my whole foot down, but instead just did my toe. I lost my balance and started leaning to the right. But since my foot was clipped in, I just went down.

Lydia was in front and to the right side of me, so I grabbed her back tire on my way down, which definitely helped my fall! I felt bad, though, I thought I was taking her down with me! But lucky for me she was there and it made my super embarrassing fall not very painful at all. It was in slow motion. Embarrassing, but lesson learned -- unclip BOTH shoes when coming to a stop! It was really fun riding on the Monon. Hopefully next time I won't have any issues!! :)
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Natasha said...

Your fall made my night and possibly the rest of my month.