Monday, June 29, 2009


Everyone just left this morning, and I miss them already!!! I had so much fun! It was so nice of them to make the long trip out here to see me. I love you guys!

So, Sunday was the real reason for the road trip...New Kids On The Block:) We went shopping downtown for a couple hours Sunday afternoon. Everyone got a few good deals and then we got some new sunglasses to wear to the concert.

We met Regina and Natasha in Noblesville at Houlihans for dinner and a pre-concert drink. The food was good. Service? Not so much. Our waiter, Chad, even apologized for how crappy the service was. Oh, well.

When we got to the concert, the America's Best Dance Crew was just finishing up. We got some good seats on the lawn. Then Jesse McCartney did his thing. I got lots of good people watching in and some good videos and pics. Check this video out. (watch the guy in the white shirt)

These were some of my favorite outfits! I know you can't stop looking at the girl in the pink shirt, but don't miss the big red fanny pack and stone washed shorts!

I am going to admit, I am not the biggest NKOTB fan. Don't get me wrong, I used to be back in elementary school. I just don't remember much of their songs, except Step By Step. That was my favorite! I clearly was not as big of a fan as some people:) I'm sorry, Courtney, but this is too cute not to post!

We had such a blast! It was a very entertaining and fun concert. Lots of dancing and old songs to sing to. If there is a next time, I am going to have to get more creative with my outfit! Maybe leg warmers?

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