Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday/Monday activities

Sunday started with the long drive back to Ankeny from Le Mars. The ride home went way faster than the way there. After getting back, Keriann & I went to the pool and soaked up some sun. T.J. & Ben went to Lazerfest in Indianaola around 3:30 and didn't get home until 1. They had a long night, but really enjoyed listening to all the bands. Keriann, Derrick, & I watched Bride Wars and hung out.

Today I got to have breakfast with Court at C.J.'s, which was delicious!! Then I met Keriann, Becky, & Connie (who I worked with at the law firm) for lunch at Palmers. Derrick, Keriann & I went to play some racquetball at the YMCA. Tonight Mike & Julie are coming down to grill out/hang out.

Oh, and I got the oil changed in the car today, which was free thanks to an old punch card that I hadn't used yet. Then I got the tires rotated and balanced. I got a call from Chad at Tires Plus saying that my front brakes are 95% worn and I need new brakes and rotors -- $335. Oh, and that btw, three of my tires are looking bad and need new. Those will run me about $500. Barf!! Dad might be able to change the brakes and rotors, and we will get tires once we get back to Indy. Nothing like being told I need to drop $800 before going on vacation.
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