Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

This weekend Tom and Mike made the long trip on 80/74 to see us. It is so nice having visitors on the weekend!! This is a picture we took on Friday night when we were waiting for them to get here. T.J. called him "Herky, Mr. Smart Guy" and I about peed my pants. Maybe you had to be there:)

Tom and Mike brought Cocoa (Ben's dog) along. She has been on her best behavior and all the dogs are getting along great! Here she is putting her paws on the TV tray table and looking pretty cute:)

Today T.J., Tom, and Mike went out and about. They went to the Indianapolis Speedway Museum, stopped at an off site betting place, and then came home. We had tickets to go to the Indianapolis Indians game tonight, which as been rained out. It has rained all day! Instead they are going to go to grab a bite to eat somewhere and then go to a casino and mom and I are going to see some fireworks here in Plainfield.

We did have some excitement today. It was definitely NOT good excitement, though. To make a long story short, Baxter was gnawing on a raw hide bone that was a little too big for him. He got one of the ends off of it and was chewing on it. We didn't think anything of it. All of a sudden he started making crazy weird noises and puking all over.

T.J. and I rushed him to PetSmart, but the vet part was closed. Then we flew down Hwy 40 to the emergency vet clinic. Luckily we got lots of lights and only had to speed a little bit. I am sure I made T.J. run a few red lights, but it was necessary. Baxter's tongue was turning blue/purple and I was starting to freak out. He was breathing the whole time, but it was definitely hard and wheezy.

Once we got to the vet, they took him to the back right away and put him on oxygen. They did an x-ray and could see what was stuck. There were two options: 1. Hopefully pull it out of his mouth OR 2. Push it through to his stomach. Of course pulling it out would be best to get it out of there!

They then did a quick knock out, removed the bone, and woke him up. From start to finish, I think the procedure only took 10 minutes. The time we were in the waiting room not knowing what was going on in the back seemed like forever. I held it together pretty well until we got to the vet and they took him to the back. Then I kind of lost it.

Luckily they were able to pull it out through his mouth. They gave him a steroid for inflammation. They said he might develop a cough, and if he does we will have to take him back. Since we got home, he has been acting okay. He went potty, had a drink of water, and also had a little soft food. Now he is sleeping on the couch and getting lots of R&R.

Here he is catching a few zzz's:) Herky is such a big brother and was so worried about him!

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So I guess that was a long story:)
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