Saturday, July 4, 2009

"Nothing But Us Chicks Ride"

Thursday night Natasha and I went up to Bicycle Garage Indy (BGI) for a "Nothing But Us Chicks Ride." Here is a picture of all of us before we left BGI.

We stopped on the trail to wait for someone coming up a hill. One of the ladies was very good about taking pictures:)

On the way back to BGI we stopped about 4 miles out at Starbucks for a little treat. Riding on the roads is pretty scary, but it definitely helps being in a big group!

Here are all the bikes at Starbucks.

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It was really fun riding with everyone. It is nice to meet new people and become familiar with more places to ride. We are going to try to get together a couple times a week. I am looking forward to more group rides!
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