Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Work

This weekend we got a lot done. Tom came out for a visit and got here Friday night. We all went out to eat at Coachmans in Plainfield. On Saturday Tom & T.J. went golfing and mom and I got stuff done around the house. I also bought a fire pit and some chairs for the patio. Saturday night we decided to have a fire. It was a newspaper fire for a while because the wood wouldn't light. Tom & T.J. had to run and get a fire starter log so we could have a fire. Our wood must have been too wet to burn.
Here at the dogs chillaxin'

I am an artist! My work is finally done and hung on the wall.

The monogram was also a weekend project. If you look out the patio door, you can see the new fire pit and chairs.

T.J. enjoying the paper fire.

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