Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome Home!

Front of house.
The welcome sign that we doctored up with a cute dog to cover the worn down apple that was on it.
My office
My office/living room

Living room

New TV and painted/new knobs dresser
Our refinished Goodwill dresser and mirror
T.J. getting a morning game played:)
Mom's room
Craft room where we can get creative!

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me said...

Very cute! Congratulations!

Jon and Jennifer said...

Cute place!!! Looks like you had a busy weekend of decorating and organizing, everything looks nice!

Abby said...

Congratulations on the new house!! It looks adorable. I bet the doggies love the fenced-in backyard!

I saw your cousin Steve this weekend in Garner at Duesey Days and said hello. He had his baby with him. Good times in Garner, IA.

Us said...

Think of me when you're in your craft room. I have another pair of shoes for you to sew :).

The Bormann Family said...

Looks really good!! I'm sure the dogs will love the fenced in backyard.