Monday, April 27, 2009

Even more pics:)

Here we are starting the walk.

The Reillys -- Natasha & Keith, Lucy, Zoey & Zsa Zsa

T.J.'s cargo shorts made good for extra storage:)

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More pics

T.J. was super photogenic yesterday:)

Do you want a treat?

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Extra pics

Natasha uploaded some of their pictures, so I decided to attach a few extras!
This is when Herky was done for.

Natasha & Keith's dogs got overheated and had to hang out in the dirty pool water to cool down:)

We made it to the finish line!!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mutt Strut

Today was the Mutt Strut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It is beautiful out today -- 85, slight wind, sunny with occasional clouds. BUT on the track it feels like 100! It was neat to be able to park on the infield and walk the track. I uploaded a ton of pictures so you can see for yourself how much fun it was!! :)
The registration lines
Starting the walk
Looking back where we just came from Hoofed animals were allowed if they had rubber soles. Notice the shoes:)
Family shot
T.J. and Herky going around the first turn
Keith, Natasha & their three doggies (Zsa Zsa, Zoey & Lucy)
Herky hit the grass and just dropped (this was about half way)
It was a lot cooler to walk on the grass!
Taking a break.
Herky was getting pretty hot and tired, so I had to carry him for a little bit.
Walking down the home stretch.
T.J., Baxter & Herky relaxing in the shade.
Me & Baxter trying to cool down after the big walk.

We got some Little Caesars Hot 'n Ready on our way home! YUM-O!!I did a quick planting of these flowers when I got home.

Bath time!! On the walk they had lots of pools for the dogs to get in and cool off. It made for some pretty mangy dogs when we got home, though!

Oh, so sleepy! I am sure the dogs will be sleeping for two days straight to recover from their adventure today!

I got a major sun burn. I thought I would just get a little sun today -- boy was I wrong!!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fiesta, Part 5 & Outlet Mall Adventures

Friday night I went out for a girls night with Natasha and Regina. We decided to go to Abuelos. It was delicious and so fun to chat and hang out all night.

This morning T.J. and I decided to go to Edinburgh Premium Outlet Mall in Edinburgh, Indiana. After maneuvering our way through some horrible construction/traffic on the interstate, we finally made it there. We shopped for, I'd say, four to five hours, which may be a record for T.J. He hates going shopping with me since I take so long looking and trying stuff on. He only likes to shop when we are buying for him. He didn't get too crabby or anything, though. We were both pretty beat when we were done. It is a lot of walking!!

We didn't end up getting too much. I got a pair of capris, T.J. got some new white sneakers, and we got a couple gifts. I had a whole list of stuff I was looking for, but just didn't find anything. I guess I'll just have to go next weekend:)

We rented a couple movies from the Red Box at Wal-Mart to watch tonight. If you haven't rented movies from that before, you should try! It is a really good deal. We got The Wrestler and The Spirit. I might not watch The Spirit. It looks too scary!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Herky!

Today was Herky's sixth (42nd) birthday...and he spent it in his collar, a.k.a. the cone. :( His bump did get bigger, but has seemed to keep about the size it is now. I plan on calling the vet this next week to see how much it would cost to have it removed. We feel so bad that he has to wear the stupid cone all the time. He is getting used to it, however, and has been enjoying life like normal -- minus ear scratching and eye rubbing on his part. T.J. and I are trying to rub his ears and face anytime we sit with him because I know it is driving him crazy not being able to do it.
He also has adopted a new name, Mr. Cone, as opposed to Mr. Man, Herky-Jerky, Turd Face (only T.J. calls him this!), Mister, or Herkmeister. I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now:)
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

I figured I would fill everyone in on my checkup. I had my yearly exam about a month ago. After explaining to my doctor some symptoms I have and then the fact that I had two blighted ovums, he wanted to do some simple blood tests to see if I have PCOS. I spoke to the clinic yesterday and it turns out that I do not have it. My pap came back normal as did the results from the blood tests they ran.

Relieved? A little. I pretty much had convinced myself that I had it, though. I have some of the symptoms, but not all and not severely. Since we are not trying to get pregnant right now, I am not going to have them do anymore tests or anything else for right now. Hopefully when we are ready to start trying again, everything will work out the way its meant to.
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Dress Shopping

I have been on the hunt for a couple cute dresses. I am hoping to get one for Jill & Drew's wedding in Iowa and then one for Mike & Megan's wedding in Vegas. As some of you know, dress shopping for me ranks up there with swimming suit shopping! I pretty much despise it. I have such a hard time finding the right fit. Anyway, here are a couple that I am thinking about getting:
I usually don't do prints, but this one is kind of cute. I might get this for Jill's wedding.

Okay, these are some pretty small pictures. Click HERE if you want to see a normal picture. It is pretty short and not something I would normally wear, which is why I want it for Vegas:)

This weekend T.J. and I are going to an outlet mall in hopes of getting some new workout shoes, casual tennies, shorts, capris, dresses, and maybe a swimming suit. (I don't know if I want to ruin the shopping trip by trying on swimming suits!!) If I can't find anything there, I will probably order these and try them on. Wish me luck!

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Monday, April 20, 2009

E-Collar, The Movie

Here is a video of Herky with his e-collar. He starts out stuck against the green magazine holder. It is cute and funny.

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Herky, I introduce you to the e-collar

T.J. and I had to make a quick run to Petsmart this morning to get Herky an e-collar. We haven't ever had to get one of these before and feel really guilty putting it on him now. Herky is such a worrier of a dog and he just *HATES* it! He is the dog that when you put clothes on him, he freezes.

On Friday we took him to the vet because we noticed he had a big red bump near his ear. We didn't know what it was and didn't want him to itch it and have it pop or something. The vet called it something hematoma, which I guess is more common in boxers than shih-tzus. But that it shouldn't get any bigger and go away in one to three months. It doesn't seem to be bothering him or anything, which is good.

The bad news, he itches his ears a lot, which means he is hitting that hematoma thing. This morning we checked it and noticed that it was kind of bleeding/oozing. So we had to get him this awesome e-collar so he won't cut it open and get it infected.

Baxter doesn't know for sure what to make of it. He keeps trying to bite it:)
Herky can, however, do new tricks with his e-collar. He NEVER sits like this! (Baxter naturally begs like that and we tried to get Herky to do it.) But apparently with the e-collar, Herky can now do it:)
I know it's fuzzy, but it gives you an idea of what it is.
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Poor Baby Baxter

Here are some pics I had on my camera from when Baxter-Waxter wasn't feeling so well. He just laid around all the time and wanted to cuddle, which isn't his forte!

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