Sunday, May 31, 2009

Drew & Jill's Wedding!

Saturday morning T.J., Brett & I made the drive up to Le Mars, the Ice Cream Capitol of the World, for Jill & Drew's wedding. I am not going to lie, it was a long drive (4 hours), especially after driving 7 hours to central Iowa. We didn't have time to do the Blue Bunny tour, which I am pretty bummed over. Oh, well, next time.
We had a blast at the wedding! Everything was perfect, and we are so happy for the new couple!
T.J., Jill, & me
Brett & T.J.
Courtney & me
triple fisting before dinner!
The prom pose:)
Jessi, me, Nicole & Courtney
Garter toss
T.J. getting his dance on
Bouquet toss
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Playing with Carter & Dylan

Friday afternoon Keriann & I went to Baxter to see Jess and the boys, Carter & Dylan. They are such movers and so fun to play with!!

Carter & Jessica

Dylan laid down with Keriann and started playing with her necklace. He fell asleep on Keriann with his fingers holding on to the necklace. He slept that way for awhile and we had to pry his fingers off:)

Silly Carter

Me & Dylan
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Happy Late Birthday, Mike

Friday afternoon Mike stopped over to Ben's. We gave him his late birthday present...a new Chicago Bears shirt!


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Friday Night Fun with SCOTTY!

Friday night T.J., Keriann & I went to see Scotty Jordan. We got to see his new house and play with his dog, Hollywood, who we haven't seen for awhile. Scotty was excited to show us his new toy, which we couldn't resist taking for a ride! It was kind of scary because T.J. was pretty wobbly. We went for yummy pizza at Felix & Oscars for dinner.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Driving, driving, then babies:)

Well, we made it back to Iowa safely today. We had plans to stop by Sara & Mikes at 5:30 central time, so we left home around 11:30 eastern. It was a pretty quick drive. Once we got on the interstate, I put a movie on to watch on my laptop. We had to watch the last half of Almost Famous. Then after that we listed to the book, Skinny Bitch, on tape. It made the drive go so much faster! I am going to have to try some other books on tape. Here is a picture of the doggies sleeping in the back. Baxter was just resting on Herky:)

So our first stop was Mike and Sara's. I couldn't wait to meet Dane!! He is so big already! Here he is with his mama. The next picture is T.J. getting some practice in:)

Our next stop was Dad & Carmen's. I finally got to meet my new little brother, Dakota. He wasn't so sure of me at first, but he warmed up later:) I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to babies!!
He really looks a lot like Russell did when he was a baby!
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here we come...

...IOWA!!! It has been six months since we have seen you, and we missed you! Hopefully we can see all our friends and family while we are back. It is going to be a whirlwind week, but worth it. See all of you soon!!
T.J., Kaylan, Herky & Baxter
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Congratulations, Graduate!

Here is a picture of my little brother, Russell, and his friend, Lawson Marks, graduating from preschool. Rachel (Halter) Marks e-mailed this to me. These two are best friends:) Russell is totally rocking the tie over the gown look! Congratulations!!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Indy 500 -- Race Day!

Roger & Abby got here Saturday afternoon. We had dinner and margaritas at El J's. Then the guys wanted to get the UFC fights, so we got that PPV. Abby and I talked through it since we weren't really into all the fighting:)
Sunday was race day. We got up, got around, and got going. We got to the parking lot around 9:30 a.m. We settled in, then walked around and looked at all the vendors, went back to the car for sandwiches and snacks, then headed to the track. We got seated around noon. The race actually started at one, but they have the opening ceremonies that are great to see. The race was really fun. There were a couple of crazy wrecks right near where we were sitting. We had great weather. It was warm, but overcast. Definitely not as sweltering as the parade, which was a good thing! Helio Castroneves won the Indy 500.
After the race we got cleaned up and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Our waitress left something to be desired, but the food was good! We ended up going home and chillaxing before heading to bed. After being outside all day, I was wiped out! Roger & Abby got up this morning and hit the road. It was a quick and really fun weekend!
Me and T.J. race day morning. Roger and Abby Abby and me before the race Roger cutting out the list of drivers before the race. He cut them up, put them in a hat, then we each took turns drawing drivers out of the hat. I had some good ones, but Roger had Helio, so he won the drawing:) T.J. and me at the track before the race! Here is a video of the National Anthem with some WWII planes flying above.
This video is of the first full lap. As soon as they waved the green flag, Marco Andretti wrecked on the first curve. Once the caution was over, this is what I recorded.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Indy 500 Parade

T.J., Regina & I went to the parade downtown Indy. It was a scorcher! The car said it was 89 and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. H-O-T! Anyway, we got to see lots of celebrities, floats, bands, etc. It was fun.

Mario Lopez or A.C. Slater:)

"Meredith" from The Office!

The grand marshal, Dick Vitale

Josh Duhamel -- the caution lead driver at the race
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Parade 2


Florence Henderson, Brady Bunch mom

Danica Patrick

Helio Castroneves -- the Indy 500 winner!!
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T.J. and I forgot to take a picture at the parade, so we snapped a quick one in the car:)
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Carb Day

Carb Day was a blast! Keith, Natasha, Regina, and I got out to the track today around noon. Keith had tickets to the Miller Lite Tent. We got free drinks and sample beers the whole time we were in there. I changed a race car tire. It was kind of a struggle, but I finally did get it all done.

The picture of Natasha with all the cans of beer was at the Three Doors Down concert. That started at three. We only lasted an hour through the concert because it was sooo hot out there, so we cut out early. It was probably a good thing since there were so many people there. I am sure getting out of there later will be a huge headache!! Regina & I got a photo with the motorcycle cop.

We had dinner at Champps downtown, then I decided to get my face threaded. It was painful!! My face is super soft now, but OUCH!

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