Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

Before I get started with the fun Wish List Wednesday, I wanted to fill you in on some dirty business with T.J.'s car. On Tuesday at 3:30 (T.J.'s lunchtime), he went to get in his car to, of course, come home for lunch. Only Old Blue decided today was the day he is giving up, throwing in the towel, and left T.J. stranded at work. I was home yesterday, so I was able to call Midas and get a tow truck to pick it up. Now we are just waiting this morning to hear what the damage will be. I just hope it's not too much!

We have known this day was coming. His car has had some minor issues the past year. We have always been able to handle it with a pretty quick fix, though. Hopefully we can get it back up and running with as little money as possible, run to the nearest dealer, and get that sucker traded off!!

Hold on just a minute, just got a call from Midas. It was just a dead battery!! Yay! So, $250 later, Old Blue should be up and running again. I am going to drop T.J. off at Midas before leaving for Evansville! Oh, I just hope that that is all that it needs and it will work good for another month or so while we figure out what we are going to do with our car situation.

Now onto the wish list. Because money doesn't grow on trees:
A vacation to Hawaii

Laser skin resurfacing for all the sun damage to my skin that I have.
A woman's saddle for my bike (whom I named Mr. Jones) instead of the manly one I have now.

I know I already did this one, but seriously, a new car would be nice!!

And a monthly massage appointment to get some R&R.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yearbook -- Student Life

Here are our Student Life pictures:



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Yearbook Yourself -- T.J.

Here are T.J.'s pictures:




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Yearbook Yourself -- Kaylan

So today I am at home, all caught up on work, trying to get motivated to be productive and then I came along the Yearbook Yourself web site. It is pretty fun, so I did my pictures, then T.J's, and then student life action shots. I thought they were kind of funny, so I hope you enjoy:)




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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Work

This weekend we got a lot done. Tom came out for a visit and got here Friday night. We all went out to eat at Coachmans in Plainfield. On Saturday Tom & T.J. went golfing and mom and I got stuff done around the house. I also bought a fire pit and some chairs for the patio. Saturday night we decided to have a fire. It was a newspaper fire for a while because the wood wouldn't light. Tom & T.J. had to run and get a fire starter log so we could have a fire. Our wood must have been too wet to burn.
Here at the dogs chillaxin'

I am an artist! My work is finally done and hung on the wall.

The monogram was also a weekend project. If you look out the patio door, you can see the new fire pit and chairs.

T.J. enjoying the paper fire.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I got this idea from this blog that I follow, and it looks like fun.
Because money doesn't grow on trees..

Two iPhones, for T.J. and Me.

A new Jeep Commander for me. Pet stairs for the dogs in our bedroom. A new Toyota FJ Cruiser for my hubby.

And last but not least, a European vacation.

Want to play along? Find 5 things on your wish list, and post them on your blog!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Picture Game

Thanks, Jen, for tagging me in a picture game. Here's what you do:

1. Open the 4th picture folder on your computer.
2. Open the 4th picture and post it on your blog.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag people to do the same
Here goes...

This is a photo that I took on Thursday. I took this from my window in the plane. The landscaping says "Welcome to New York." I like the bridge in the background too!

Now I have to tag people to play along. So Michelle, Michele, Jade, Abby, Ian, Ben, Betsy, or anyone else who reads this that wants to do it too should!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Uptown & Wicked

This morning we got up and went on the last route on the bus tour. It went Uptown around Central Park and into Harlem. It was really cool.

At 2 we went to Wicked. It was awesome!!

Today was pretty crowded. It drove me NUTS! Thursday was awesome as far as crowds. When I come back to NYC someday, I am coming Monday-Thursday. No weekends for me!!

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Central Park & Dinner

The store was closed, but I got a picture by the sign.

My senior picture pose in Central Park

Central Park

We had dinner at Roxy

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Tonight we are going to the 10:40 showing of Harry Potter. We are going to a historic theater called the Ziegfeld Clearview Cinema. We got our tickets and it looks like an old theater from back in the day. I can't wait to see HP!!
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Day 2 -- getting started

This morning we grabbed some breakfast, walked around a little and then headed to the NBC tour. On our walk around we bought tickets for Wicked, which we are going to see on Saturday at 2. I am so excited to see it! We also found Rupert and the Hello Deli!

We went in the Hershy's store. I couldn't resist myself:)

We also found an awesome Yankee store where I got the shirt you will see later at the Yankee game.

We <3>

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NBC & Radio CIty Tours

The NBC Tour was awesome! Here is T.J. by an old camera.

Us with a real life rockette!

Hahaha, I look like a shrimp next to the life sized card board cut out of the girls. Not to mention my leg is only a quarter height of where it should be:)

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