Monday, May 31, 2010

More Weekend Projects

Because a visit from Mom and Scott just wouldn't be right if we didn't have tons of stuff to do, we kept them very busy! In the last post I mentioned an abundance of hostas, so we planted a bunch around the house too.
Here is a before picture:

And here it is after:

Scott built us a little topper for the dog kennel.
The stain matches the rest of the furniture in our family room. Now I need to get a lamp and pictures of something to put on it. I am excited to actually be able to use it like a table.

The cradle got some attention this weekend. I got a foam pad for the mattress, then mom helped recover the bumper pads with a sheet from Target that matched the sheet we put down on the foam pad. It's all ready for McBaby!

Two of our three stairways didn't have railings, so Scott was able to cut, stain, and mount those this weekend too! Now I will feel a little safer carrying our little one down the stairs!

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