Monday, May 31, 2010

Shed Makeover -- Completed!

Mom and Scott came out just in time to help us complete the shed makeover. They came bearing gifts too! Lori, one of mom's co-workers, has an abundance of hostas, so they brought a bunch of them out for us to plant. Thanks, Lori!!
Remember THIS post from last weekend about the shed makeover? Well, we picked right up where T.J. and I left off and got it all finished!! Here is the hosta garden before:

And after:

The whole shed area after:

Ta-da! We got the edging down, hostas in, bushes and flowers on the left there, mulched, and flowers in the flowerbox on the shed. I just hope we can keep all these flowers and plants alive through the hot summer months! Lots of watering for us!
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