Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glucose Test

Yesterday I had my last monthly doctors appointment. Now I start going every two weeks. I had to do my glucose screening test and get a rhogam shot, so it was a very exciting appointment.

The glucose test consists of going in, drinking a bottle of orange drink (which I thought tasted little like flat orange pop medicine), then getting your blood drawn. I drank it fine. Then I felt dizzy and kind of sick to my stomach right away, but the dizziness passed. After an hour I got my blood drawn. I sure hope I pass! If not, I will have to go back and do a more extensive test where you have to drink a lot more of the orange stuff.

My stomach was kind of hurting after drinking the stuff and then I was getting pretty hungry. I was seriously having a hard time staying awake on the drive home. The nurse said that I would probably be tired, but it was ridiculous. I got home, had lunch, then crashed on the couch. I felt pretty awful. After my nap I felt a little better, but my stomach was still not feeling quite right.

Today I feel better, which is a relief! I had big plans to get lots of work done yesterday too, but that didn't happen. Now I just have to wait for the test results. I am crossing my fingers I pass!!
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