Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sold Out!

Yesterday when we closed up the garage sale, we had a couple boxes and some odds and ends left. So we took them to Goodwill and donated them. The only things left in the garage were the daybed and trundle and the washer and dryer.

We decided to head to Ikea in Cincinnati after getting cleaned up to spend our garage sale money:) I have been waiting patiently to go and get the bookcase for the nursery. We got it and lots of other stuff. I will hopefully post pictures of our new goods tomorrow.

Anyway, when we got home, we had a note on the door asking if we still had the washer and dryer. Long story short -- the people wanted it and came and got it this morning!! Wahoo! Then it was just the daybed and trundle set.

So today we had a visit from one of the people from the garage sale asking if we still had the bed. Yep! So, they ended up buying that today. The garage is clear and we are thrilled to not have to post stuff on Craigslist!
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