Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bird Watchers

Since moving into our new house, T.J. and I have become quite the bird enthusiasts:) We have a stand set up right outside our kitchen window. See?!?

The neighborhood we live in has tons of big trees and lots of pretty birds to come and eat our bird seed so we can admire them.

We even have a nest. See it in the crook where the gutter leaves the house?

I didn't think it was actually occupied as I had never seen a bird in it. I told T.J. he should climb his new ladder and get up there and take it down. But then later that day, a mama bird flew over and took a seat on her eggs. She was there through some pretty bad storms we had last week.

Then, while I was out today, I noticed that she wasn't there. She has been there all the time lately. While the dogs were going potty, I watched to see if the mama or papa bird would come back. I was so excited to see the papa bird fly over with some food for the babies and feed them. There are two babies that I could see up in the nest. I really wish we had the super lens for our new camera because I am sure I would have gotten a much better photo of them. It's kind of hard to see, but you can see the papa bird up there in the next picture.

I think if you click the picture, you can maybe see it a little bigger too.

Here's hoping for some safe first flights for the little babies because that is a long ways down!

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