Monday, August 30, 2010

37 Sweet Weeks!

Well, we McCords are still chugging right along. Now that I am 37 weeks and considered full term, I have been trying all the methods of bringing on labor. I am sooooo ready for McBaby to get here!! At my appointment today the doctor said that the baby has definitely dropped, so hopefully that's a good sign! Keep moving in that direction, little one.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

The other night Baxter was feeling feisty. Herky was trying to get some rest. I mean, he only gets 20+ hours of sleep a day, so heaven forbid he play a little:) So Baxter was attempting to get Herky to play with him. Somehow they ended up in this position:
Let me point out a few things in this picture. T.J. was not supposed to get me in the picture! As you can see, my belly is huge. And I was feeling quite gray that day. I get a kick out of monochromatic dressing while hanging at home:) T.J. always does it too, usually in blue or white.
Arrow number two points out Baxter's toy that he was trying to get Herky interested in. As you can see, it didn't really work. And eventually the toy falls to the ground and Baxter is just left lying on poor Herky.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Kicks Part Deux

I am always trying to get video of the baby kicking. When it starts in with some big ones, I grab my phone and try to capture it. It is so much harder to see the kicks on the screen than in person, though. So hopefully you can see them. They were coming more at the beginning. And they were mostly on my left side.

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Quilt Giveaway

You heard me!! There is a blogger giving away a quilt! Call me crazy, but I think it's a pretty big deal. I wish I could make one. All the time and labor that one puts into making a quilt, then to give it away is pretty generous. The blog is Craftopotamus. She has instructions on how you can win.
P.S. Since this is my third post of the day, I figure I might as well just keep them going. Who knows how many times I will post today. Maybe I will break a personal record for most times in one day blogging:)
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My Fabric Flowers Have a Home

After making all of our flowers last weekend, they have been driving me kind of crazy just sitting around. I didn't have a good place for them where I could see them to pick one out. I got some cork to put in the shadow box frames in the baby's room and had some left over. So I covered a couple pieces of cork and just stuck the pins in. Voila, a great place to hang the flowers!

Here is my jewelry area in my closet. I thought I would show this too. Before I used the peg board I used to keep some jewelry in a jewelry box, some in a dresser drawer, some in the bathroom. Now it's all in one place, easy to see and access. Well, except for rings. They are in a jewelry box.
After I got the first cork hung with flowers, I realized I needed another row. You know how Keriann and I started on our next ones, so I will have another batch coming soon. Now they have a home all ready for them.
T.J. asked last night as I was cutting out flowers how many of them I was going to make. I told him this will probably be it for a while. I am sure I will be too busy with other things:)

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McBaby's Nursery Tour

We are finally feeling like the nursery is finished. There are a couple things to do yet, but nothing major. We are so excited to bring McBaby home and she what he/she thinks of it! After being told I was dilated and feeling the instant urge to nest, I am now feeling like we are ready for baby. So without further ado, here is the tour:

Decorating the shelf is one of the things left to get done.

I got some pictures in the frames for now, but will change them out once we have some of McBaby!

The frame above the light switch will house a name thing I am going to make once we know the name. There is a tutorial on the LBB blog, so if you want to see, you can go there. Between the doors will be a growth chart. I have a picture at the bottom.

Diaper bag and hospital bags are being packed.
The yellow measure stick on the right is the one I ordered yesterday. It was a bit of a splurge, but I LOVE it! It will match the room great and be fun to mark all of our kids' growth on.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free Fabric!

I was reading Mufn, Inc. blog today about some free fabric! You should go to their BLOG to learn how to get a free fabric swatch from Spoonflower! How cool is that? This special deal is only from today at noon until tomorrow at noon, so hurry over! I got this one:

Which one did you get?

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Car Seat Numero Uno Installed!

Captain Wolfe of the Plainfield Fire Department helped me get the car seat all installed today. He was super nice and helpful. I think we should be able to get the one in T.J.'s car without needing help. My only concern is that since his car is a 2000, it doesn't have the latch system that all cars made after 2002 have to have. So we will see. Up next: Getting all the car gadgets into the car, like the mirror thing, sun visors, etc.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Keriann & Derrick hit the road this morning, so I got busy with my day. I started by doing lots of laundry this morning. I had a job early afternoon. After that I gassed up my car, something I plan on doing more often so I'm always ready for the drive to the hospital. Then I got my oil changed -- good to go for another 3,000 miles!

When I got home, I cleaned the whole house. I did everything but the floors, I left those for T.J. I cleaned and conditioned our leather furniture too. Then I refilled the bird feeders. One of which is broken again. We have a pesky squirrel that won't leave one of our feeders alone! After that I cleaned out my car. Then when T.J. got home, I cleaned his out.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment in the morning. Then I plan on stopping at the fire station to see if they will help me install the car seat in my car. Once I get home, I have some work to catch up on. When T.J. comes home for lunch, I will switch cars with him so I can take his car to get the car seat installed in it. Later after T.J. gets home we are going to work on packing more stuff in the hospital bags.

After getting all that done tomorrow, I will feel like we are much better prepared. At least we will have some stuff packed for the hospital and car seats in the cars. I still have a list of things I want to do before baby gets here, so I will keep trucking away on that!
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Crafty Weekend

Well, Keriann & Derrick are packing up as we speak. So I guess it's time to show you what else we accomplished this last week. We made these cute Halloween jars. We have been wanting to make these since we saw them last year. And since Halloween is just around the corner, we decided to give them a whirl. They were fun and easy. You can find the tutorial HERE.

Then we made some fabric flower pins and button bobby pins.
You can find the flower tutorial HERE.
They are so cute! We have our next batch started, but are still cutting out all the flowers.
Here are Keriann's goodies:
Here are mine:
Now we need to make some kind of a holder for them in our closets!
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend with Keriann & Derrick

We have been having so much fun with Keriann & Derrick here! We've been busy, so I thought I would update you with our photos.
We, of course, went to El J's for dinner.

T.J. and Derrick ordered a "large" beer. What a good deal for $4.50, huh?
We went to the outlet mall in Edinburgh. T.J. got some new kicks!
The boards got painted.
A couple games of corn hole got played!
Keriann & Herky got some snuggle time in.
So did Derrick & Baxter.
I got the resin stuff on these pictures. More to come on this later:)
Keriann did some job shadowing!
My final giveaway prize came today. I won this fabric pack from Kari at UCreate blog on the Crap I've Made blog.

Keriann and I have been very busy crafting our little buns off. I will show you all of our goodies tomorrow!
Today I had a doctor's appointment. Everything went well. The baby's numbers were all good as were mine. I had to be tested for group b strep today. While doing that, the doctor checked to see if I was dilated. Well, I am! I am at about 2 centimeters right now. Wahoo!! She said I could go all the way to my due date or go tomorrow.
Well, let's just say my nesting instinct is kicking into high gear. Tonight with Keriann & Derrick's help we got the rest of the stuff hung in the baby's room. We just need to do a little cleaning and organizing in there and then I will post some pictures. On the to-do list for the next few days and this weekend: clean cars out, get car seats & other car stuff installed, clean house, finish packing hospital bag. I am sure there is more, but this is a good start. I feel very unprepared and will feel better with these few things done!

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36 Sweet Weeks!

The belly keeps growing and growing! Only a few weeks left!!!
Sorry for my blogging hiatus. We have been busy with Keriann & Derrick here. I will hopefully be able to post about all our shenanigans today.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keriann's Internship & I WON:)

Today Keriann went out on a job with another firm in town. She looked so professional and grown-up! I wish I had snapped a picture, but are you surprised at all that I didn't? Maybe when she goes next week I will get one.
I won another blog giveaway!!!! Seriously, I am on a roll:) I won at the Crap I've Made blog. I won these super cute clips from Whisper Blossom. Wahoo!!!
I just found out I won another giveaway, but I will wait until the goods come to post about it! I hope my luck continues!!! Maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket:)
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Keriann & Derrick Are Here!

This afternoon Keriann and Derrick got here! T.J. had to work, so we just hung out. Keriann and I got busy painting these:
We've only had them almost a year. I'd say it's about time we slap some paint on them! I will post some pics of the finished product tomorrow hopefully!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

35 Sweet Weeks

Only 5 to go!! Or 7 depending on how you look at it. I asked my doctor last week how long she would let me go after my due date before inducing. She said that I could be induced anytime I wanted after my due date depending on how my cervix looked, whether favorable or not. She said that she would let me go two weeks over as long as everything is normal. I sure hope I don't go that far over! I don't really want to be induced, and I don't want a jumbotron baby that's two weeks overdue!

For now I am just fattening up my baby, or that's what all the books say is happening right now:) My stomach feels so big and full all the time. My skin at the top of my stomach hurts so bad. It's okay unless you touch it or a dog lays on you and scratches it with one of his nails. Ouch!

This is the last week I have off from going to the doctor's office. I go back next week and then have to go every week for the last month. It's crazy to think that we are finally nearing the end!! In just a few short weeks our world will be turned upside down, shaken and stirred. Being a mother is something I have always dreamed of. It wasn't to be a princess bride, career woman, etc. I always wanted to be a mommy, and it just seems so surreal that it's finally happening.

We can't wait to meet you, Baby!
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10

If you haven't seen this video, you have to watch it. Matt showed it to us one night, and I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants:) This guy is hilarious!

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Heeren Weekend Visit

On Wednesday night Matt & Becky made it to Plainfield for the weekend! We ate at El J's for dinner and then got some camera practice in. Matt knows a lot more about DSLR cameras than I do, so it was good to learn some of the basics! Here is me practicing on my birds:)

Thursday we hit up the Indianapolis Zoo. I did really good, only going to the bad place at the very end when it was 2:00 p.m., 94 degrees with a heat index of 105, walking through "the forest" where there's no breeze at all, cankles ready to burst, and toes going to sleep. It was really fun though! Matt got some cool pictures. You can see them here.
On Friday we went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. We checked out the museum and did the ride around the track. Matt's pictures here.
Here is Becky trying out one of the cars.

My favorite picture I took there of the cars all lined up.

For lunch we hit up Mug-n-Bun. It was a good little diner, and I'm sure we'll be going back! After that we headed to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Matt's pictures are here. T.J. snapped this picture, which I think is pretty cool.

On Saturday we went to the Indiana State Museum to the IMAX theater to watch Hubble 3D. It was really good! It was only about 45 minutes, which is long enough for me in 3D! My eyes get achy when I watch 3D. And I love movies on the large IMAX screen! After that we went to P.F. Changs for lunch, then Babies R Us for a little shopping.
We had so much fun with Matt & Becky here! We were busy, but not too busy. In the future we will be getting the babies together for cousin play dates:)
I won another giveaway and it came in the mail yesterday!!! I won this cute hooded towel made by Ahmelie on the Riplet Review and Giveaway blog. I love the colors and the towel is so nice and soft. I can't wait to use it when our little one grows up!
Today T.J. got himself a little present. Will he ever get tired of playing video games?
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