Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby in a Basket & a Milestone

This morning Miles was fussing a little so T.J. went in and put his pacifier.  Miles sleeps on his tummy (I know, I know, we are so bad...but he loves it).  Then T.J. did his morning routine and everything.  When he went back in to get Miles up for the day, Miles was laying on his back.  He flipped himself over!

We have been practicing rolling over and trying to get it on video, then the little stinker goes and does it on his own:)  There hasn't been anymore rolling over today, but I'm sure there will be more soon and we'll try to get it on video!

PS- I did buy more storage for photos last night.  I just need to get the pics from vacation uploaded now.  Maybe later tonight.  I have some work to do now.  Happy Hump Day!
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Our Crazy Filled Life said...

Both of our boys started sleeping on their belly at 6-8 weeks. They both had amazingly strong necks at that age so I didn't worry too much about them. Ev started sleeping through the night, well from about 11 to 6, after we started putting him on his belly. He'd get up at 6, nurse, and then go back to sleep until 10...I was a spoiled mama with him! Andrew was different story lol! But both boys did well sleeping on their belly.