Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comparing Baby Pictures

It's so fun to look at pictures of Miles and compare them to our pictures or us to see who he looks like.  There are some features that he has that we see in ourselves, but it's kind of hard to say for sure.  I think he looks  a lot like T.J.  But when I compare it to his baby pictures, then I am not so sure.  One thing is for sure, I can look at that sweet face all day long!

Remember when I posted about this frame a few months back HERE?  Here it is finally finished:

So what do you think?  Who does he look like?
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Beth said...

Lately when looking at his pics I have thought that he looks more like TJ than you. But he's not a dead ringer for TJ's baby pics. I would say a good mix of you both but for sure a total cutie!!! His three months pics were great and I love your wall!

Anonymous said...

I think TJ looked so much like Uncle Tom when he was a baby. Miles is such a cutie and I can see both of you in him.