Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wall of Miles

We finally got our picture wall finished!  All the frames are filled with cute pictures of our little munchkin.  The frame on the right is an odd size.  We got them at IKEA, and they are European sizes, not our traditional sizes.  So I just filled in the gap between the picture and the mat with some dark brown scrapbooking paper.  I think it looks okay.

Also, I broke the glass on the big picture on the left quite a while ago.  We FINALLY replaced it.  We have had a broken piece of glass sitting in our entryway for about three months.  I checked at Michaels to see how much a piece of glass would be and the lady said about $40 and that I should check out Lowe's instead.  So we did.  It was $7 and they cut it for you.  Score!

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