Saturday, February 5, 2011

Playing in the Snow!

We woke up this morning to lots of snow falling!  And with all the ice we had this week, it's making things extra slick.  Since it's falling so pretty and all, we decided to snap some pics of Miles playing in the snow.  He is pretty mellowed out, so not too many smiles:)

What do you think Herky is thinking in this picture?

Miles LOVE his puppies!  I can't wait until he can chase them around!

The first few pictures were taken up on a hill in front of our house.  I was going down the hill and fell on the ice.  In my estimation, 28 is the age when falling down starts to really hurt.  I luckily wasn't holding Miles, but I did have our camera.  I saved it and really didn't get hurt too bad, but my back/neck is kind of sore.  I am going to go take some Tylenol right now!
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