Sunday, March 13, 2011

26 Weeks

Our lil' leprechaun is growing like crazy!  Just this morning in his crib he rolled over his left arm, which he never does.  His outfit today is 12-18 months.  I just got it at Old Navy, but I think it majorly shrunk when I dried it.  Miles is teething.  I counted five different spots in his mouth where I think teeth are coming through.  One is a little more than the others, and I think it's his top right incisor, which is usually one of your last teeth.  So soon he should have a mouth full of pearly whites!  We go on Tuesday for his 6 month appointment, so we will have his stats to share then.

Here are a few other contenders for the photo this week.  I love the funny faces!
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1 comment:

jill said...

i think old navy outfits are sized way differently than other brands.