Sunday, March 20, 2011

27 Weeks

Miles has crossed the hump into the second half of his first year.  He has started doing many new things just in the last week.  It is so fun to see all his new tricks!  He is becoming quite the roller.  He likes to go back and forth over the same arm usually.  Every once in a while he will go over the other arm, but not too often.  He also "talks" a lot when he's on the floor practicing rolling.  We put toys out to try to get him to roll, but found that his foot obsession actually works better.  Yep, just put your foot out of reach and he will roll to get it.

He is becoming quite the sitter.  If he has a full tummy and can't reach his toes, he does better!  He eats three meals a day.  For breakfast and dinner he is getting Gerber.  For lunch he has been getting homemade baby food.  We tried it a few weeks ago and it didn't sit too well with him.  He is tolerating it much better now.

Something I noticed just today is him reaching for you when he's on the ground and wants you to pick him up.  Miles is pretty ticklish.  I used to be so ticklish when I was little, so it looks like he inherited that from me.  Sorry, buddy!  

Here's what 27 weeks looks like on Mr. Miles!   

Here's a picture of that reaching I was talking about:

Dad's pretty funny!

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