Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6 Month Doctor's Visit

Today was Miles' 6 month doctor's visit.  He did great and was such a charmer for the nurse.  They always have us undress him so they can check him out and he LOVES being naked.  So he was chatting and giggling up a storm.  By the time the doctor came in, he was getting sleepy. 

Miles got three shots today and was such a trooper. Only one loud scream, followed by lots of binky sucking. No tears or anything. I am so glad T.J. is there to help hold him down. I just try to keep him calm. He was snoozing by the time we hit the car.  Hopefully he feels okay the rest of the day!  We are planning on going to the Pacers game tonight.

He weighed in at 19.15 (78%), 29 inches long (98%), and his head is 17 3/4 inches (84%).  So maybe Miles is going to be a tall boy?  The 29 inches is a little bit of a stressor for me, though.  His car seat is only good until he is 30 inches long or 30 pounds.  I guess we need to start looking for a different car seat!
We took this picture the other day after all that jumping and playing.  He was so sleepy!

Then we also took the picture of the dogs.  They are just wanting to get some blog time:)

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