Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bathtub Time

It's another bath video.  Miles is getting some funny laughs.  He still LOVES bath time.  I need to video from the time we head upstairs to take off his clothes.  He is smiling and giggling the whole time.  Once he's naked and I pick him up to go into the bathroom, he can't contain himself -- so excited! 

We have been using the whale bathtub thing still.  He wasn't quite ready for the chair thing yet when we tried it before.  I think he probably is now, though.  We fill the whale completely full of water and by the end of bathtub time there's hardly any in it.

And another ritual of ours with the bath, "It's bathtub time."  Say it with us in your best Pauly D voice.  You know, like "It's t-shirt time."  What?  You don't watch Jersey Shore?  You should YouTube it.  I know, it's dumb.  But still funny:) 
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