Friday, March 11, 2011

Best Dad Ever

As you know, TJ is a SAH dad. He is so great at it too. He does the dishes, laundry, and basically everything else to keep our house and family running smoothly. I have really appreciated him this week. I have been busy with some rush jobs and work that needed to get in, but he didn't complain that I wasn't able to help too much with Miles or make dinner or put my iPhone on eBay or get my tire fixed (this is turning into my to-do list). You get the idea.

Enough of my rambling on about TJ. Now let's see some pictures!

TJ is so inflexible. For instance, he can't touch is left shoulder with his left hand. It's weird. So he wanted to put miles on his shoulders. I am glad I was there because I don't think he could have got him down alone!

During the day while I am at a job TJ sends me these sweet pictures.

He took Miles for a stroll today to get some fresh air. I got this pic at my job today.

Keriann snapped this one too:)

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