Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go Pacers!

Last night Miles went to his first Pacers game.  He was such a trooper and loved looking at the lights.  He was a little jumpy when the announcer got excited, but I couldn't blame him.  It was loud!  I covered his ears a little bit to try to block him out and that helped. 

We were in the nose bleed section, four rows from the top.  That was a very stressful hike up and down the narrow stairs with Miles strapped to me!  Not only were my legs shaking from exhaustion, I was scared to death of tripping with him on me! 

Miles may have been a little overstimulated by it all.  Usually he falls asleep by 8:00 and he didn't sleep there or in the car.  Then once we were home T.J. had to rock with him for a while to get him sleepy.  But once he was asleep, he had a good night's rest. 

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