Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I-O-W-A Part 2

Here are more pictures from the weekend in Iowa!  The night we were in Maxwell Miles was so giggly and so fun!  Playing with Grandma Jules.
No pants + fun blocks = happy Miles

And he's tuckered out!

Really tuckered out:)

Hanging with Uncle Tom.

We stopped in at Logsdon's Grocery when we got into Maxwell.  We had to put Miles on the scale to see where he was weighing in at.

Here you can actually see the number.

On Saturday Matt, Becky & Quinn came over.  This was our first time meeting Quinn and we were so excited!  Becky made Miles this super cute blankie.

Grammy B with her grand babies

Miles & Quinn playing.

Miles with Grandpa Rusty.

On the way home we stopped at McDonald's to feed Miles.  After we fed him, we put him in the highchair for fun to see how he would do.  It was his first time, and it went great!  He loved sitting up and looking around.

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Betsy said...

Such a handsome little fella! He must be a pretty good traveler in the car?