Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Indoor Pool Time

This morning we went to the rec center for a little indoor pool action.  It was pretty busy in the pool with water aerobics and people walking laps.  We were going to sit in the shallow end with Miles but were told that open rec swim wasn't until later, so we had to go in the lap area.  We made it a short swim, which was fine.  He was pretty exhausted after our 30 minutes we spent there. 

Keriann was planning on swimming too.  But since we could only go in the lap part, she snapped some pictures for us instead.  Miles slept so good for his first nap after we got home.  I can't wait to go back when other kids are there for him to play with and watch!  I think he will love it.

Miles & Daddy
Luckily it was really warm in there!  Here he's really playing with the water.

Family photo:)

He can get some pretty big splashes in the pool compared to the bathtub!

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